Image Compressor

Compress and optimize any image (JPEG, PNG, GIF) for free with our bulk online image compressor. Quickly reduce file size and improve image quality with just a few clicks. 20 images at once.



Privacy: Files are NEVER sent to the server, and all processing is handled via your own browser. The image or any image related data is never stored.

Looking for an easy and effective way to compress and optimize your images? Our online image compressor is here to help! With just a few clicks, you can reduce file size and improve image quality for any image, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats. Additionally, our tool allows you to convert your images to other formats and resize them to meet your specific needs. Plus, you can choose the specific filesize in KB that you want to reduce the image size to. And when you're finished, you can download your compressed and optimized images individually or in a convenient ZIP file. Best of all, our image compressor is completely free to use. Give it a try now and see the difference it can make for your images!

How to use

  • Drag and drop, or choose 1 to 20 JPEG, PNG, and GIF images at once.
  • Enter your preferred quality - 1 to 99. 1 = Low Quality. 99 = High Quality.
  • Optional: Select output image size in KB. This will take priority over your selected quality value.
  • Optional: Select output format for your image. You can use this to convert all your images to PNG, JPEG, or GIF.
  • Optional: Select a width for your images if you want to resize them as well.
  • Click on "Compress", wait for sometime, and you will see all your compressed images below the form. You can now either download them one by one, or download all of them at once in a ZIP file.