Pixelate Image Area Online

With our “Pixelate Image Area” online tool, you can easily add a pixelated effect to specific parts of your photos. Just upload, drag and select the desired area with your mouse (similar to cropping in Paint), and apply the pixelation. It’s ideal for hiding faces or sensitive information. No tech expertise required! Perfect for fast photo edits. Try it now and give your images a unique touch.

You can also choose to solid fill an area in the image with black color, if pixelating or blurring the area is not enough.

How to Use

  1. Choose a file, and it will start displaying on your screen instantly.
  2. Left click your mouse on the image and drag it to select an area.
  3. Important: You must click on “Hide Selection” after selecting an area to blur it.
  4. You can select and blur multiple areas one-by-one.